Musician: Austin Plaine

With a two-day drive from Tennessee back home to Teton Valley staring me in the face, I've spent some time this weekend fine tuning the highway playlist and wanted to throw out a pitch for a musician and his song which might not be on your radar. Austin Plaine's Never Come Back Again, which became an instant favorite right after its release in September of 2015 will get its share of airtime over the eighteen hundred miles ahead. The song, which I first heard driving across the Snake River on a local Jackson Hole radio station, stands up on its own lyrical and melodic merits. It's a song he says is about always moving forward looking for new things. And the video, a gorgeously shot road trip montage that serendipitously winds through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on the way to the Pacific, hits a soft spot for me. The Tetons themselves will be recognizable, but there's also a shot of Yellowstone's Lewis Falls, which is a stone's throw from a secret fishing spot in the Park I hit each fall. 

Not everyone has to be a singer-songwriter to make good music. And just because someone writes his own stuff doesn't make him good. But, Austin does and he is. Give this one a listen and if you like it, there's plenty more on Spotify, and be sure to check out his Facebook page where he's frequently dropping clips of stuff he's working on. 

Happy Easter!